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Kumamoto Ramen

Low-Interaction Dining Experience

13 January 2018

When I heard about this new ramen place in town, I couldn’t be happier. Because more ramen is always good.

What’s cool about this new restaurant is the isolation booth concept. You have these wood panels separating you and you neighbors. You have a little button for ordering food and an autorefill water system.Then you receive your bowl of ramen through a curtain covered window.

Unique Ramen

I ordered a Black Tonkotsu Ramen and it was so savoury and delicious! <3
The broth tastes creamy and light at the same time. I’ve been to all the ramen places of Montreal and I have to admit, until now I find this particular ramen super original and authentic.

My boyfriend ordered the extra pork option, not a good idea. The pork is too salty!


  • Quite Expensive For a ramen place this is the most expensive, ranging from 16-18$ per bowl, one I’ve been to.
  • The marinated egg is NOT included in the ramen.
    This is also the first time it happens in a ramen restaurant. They always offer free marinated egg and you can add extra eggs $$. But Kumamoto charges you right at the beginning (1.99$ per egg).
  • Pork is WAY TOO SALTY. Someone has to lower that sodium dose!!


I would come back for The Black Tonkotsu Ramen if they can change the saltiness of the pork! :)

“1812, rue Sainte-Catherine West, Montreal, H3H 1M1”

— Trang