Pastel Cravings

Les Gourmandises De Peyton

Sugary and Instagram Smoothie

1 July 2018

6 minutes walk from metro Sherbrooke, Les Gourmandises de Peyton is a small delicate pastry and coffee shop. I wanted to go there to try their “Magic Smoothies” that Instagram has been sharing non-stop these days.

When you have an intense heat like 35 degrees celsius and you decide to leave the door open with no AC, it was kind of hard to not suffocate inside the shop. I was sitting down for 5 minutes and I had to go outside and take the pictures. I couldn’t tolerate the heat, but of course, that may be just me.

The smoothie itself was quite ordinary: strawberries and some chia seed. Honestly for a drink that costs me more than 10$, I expected an explosion of flavors. What I got instead was a lot of sugar on top (the little donut was good enough), some popcorns and candies. Other than that the drink itself didn’t taste like anything. It was so diluted that I couldn’t even taste the strawberries.

Is it Instagrammy? Yes. Is worth it ? No. I know that you are going to go there anyway so my advice is this : spend money on one smoothie and share it among your friends ;).

— Trang