Pastel Cravings

Muru Crepe

Cute Arts Matcha Coffee and Sweets

25 June 2018

TOTORO! That was what I screamed out when I first received my matcha latte. The details are so impressive! For coffee lovers, you will surely find a drink fits to your needs

However, the highlight of my visit is their Weekend Special Creme Brulee Crepe. I discovered my first Crepes Bretonnes when I live in Rennes, Bretagne for two years. I’m always looking for delicious crepes and when I see that they decide to combine Creme brulee AND crepes?! I had to try it.

The crepe as it is, is very soft and pretty close to what I ate in France. It holds the Creme Brulee like a cup. I was a bit confused at first on how to approach this meal. Should I eat the creme brulee first with a spoon? Should I just hold the crepe and eat the whole thing? I decided to play safe and eat it with a spoon. The creme brulee flavour is only obvious at the top, the rest at the bottom is a mix of whipped cream, banana and some English cream.

Overall, it was a decent meal with a total cost of 20$. I would say it is quite expensive for one dessert and one coffee

— Trang