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Sushi Experience in Cote Des Neiges

16 October 2018

My best friend Nhi introduced me to this place during one of our conversations and I had to check it out.

The Interior Design

Right at the start, I was greatly impressed by the architecture and the design of the place. You would expect a small local sushi shop but what you get is a cool counter top bar rustic style. Wood panels on the wall along with cute plants in glasses floating the ceiling. Very well-thought design tables, it saves so much space yet fit so many seats.

The Poke Bowl

The meal is definitely worth it, ratio quantity, quality - price. If you go at lunch, for only 16$ you get a very BIG bowl of poke, miso and some shrimp tempura. There are plenty of salmon, salads, and even crunchy potatoes chips on the side.

The Beef Tartare

It was nicely presented but it was quite disappointing. It is the TINIEST beef tartare I ever had. And I had quite a few around Montreal. It says it would come with 10 pieces of beef but if you look at the picture, each piece was the size of 5 cm. The beef tartare flavor is overshadowed by the amount of sauce placed in there. Overall, it is way too expensive for its worth.

The Nigiri Plateau

For the cost of 16$, you get a miso soup and a beautiful plate nigiri with syake,syake torché,izumidai, maguro, tamago, maguro torché, smoky philly salmon and ebi. The sauce was amazing. I’m a girl with a big appetite, so for me, it wasn’t enough as a meal. But I do think that it’s enough for other people. If you have a big appetite, I would recommend taking the Poke Bowl and if you have a smaller stomach, this plate of nigiri.

Fans of Kpop

Oh yeah, you will be blasted with Kpop music with a huge screen playing the MVs of BTS and Blackpink ;)

— Trang